Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my mentor?

No, we don’t have that option yet but be rest assured each one of our lady officers is highly professional and experienced to make you succeed in your journey to get commissioned ranks.

How will you assess my performance improvement?

our differentiation is that we focus on individual feedback. Each one of you has a unique strength and weakness and whether you are lacking in story writing or facing issues in gd we will point you out on those improvement areas during our personalised mentoring sessions.

How much time is needed Hey to prepare for the SSB?

SSB is a test of personality which is shaped over the years if you are coached no well you will be prepared in a span of about 2 weeks to reflect your strength in an effective manner and qualify on the officer like qualities parameters.

How will you help me prepare the GTO tasks online?

GTO tasks evaluate your group dynamics in terms of the contribution of the group activity or the task. It is not a test of your physical competence, but it is a test of how you interact and perform in a group.

Why Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) form upload is mandatory?

PIQ is like a resume which helps which helps the interviewer assess you on your background. This from is used by the board to frame right questions during your interview and make assessment about your officers like qualities (OLQ’S).