What is a PABT for Air Force Entry?


Pilot Assessment Pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is there to confirm your flying orientation. It is to confirm that you can control a fighter plane such as MIG or a Rafale by using all four limbs of your body. To keep a plane going straight at above Mach speeds, a quick reaction and coordination is a must. That is all this test is. For most people, this is a piece of cakewalk. Components of the test There are three parts:

  • Written / Instrument reading test - where you are asked to read basic things such as compass, altimeter (height), turn and ascent indicator etc.
  • Machine Assessment - your body reflexes will be tested through a light control test and a drum test, where your body coordination and reflexes are mapped.

Number of Chances One opportunity is all you get, in your entire lifetime. If you have it, you are in and if you fail, military will not take you into flying branch. Do you really have to worry about it then? No. If you listen to the instructions well and have fun just like you would have while playing games over Xbox, you will find it as natural as driving a car or a bike. Lastly, testers know that you may not be familiar with the instruments and therefore, you get three chances. So be rest assured that this will be simplest and most fun part of the SSB.

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