No woman in my family has ever been an officer in the military. Does that lower my chances of SSB selection?

Outside of medical corps, women started getting commission in the military only about three decades back. It is unusual to find women who will have their female family members in the forces. In the case of male officers, you will get to see that trend quite often though.

So does that hamper your chances? To answer that, please understand that SSB is one place where your competence is the only thing that counts. It has stood the test of times and you don't hear the stories of favoritism or nepotism. IAS entry process, which is of the similar stature, is the only one that comes near in such fairness and transparency. So don't worry about any such thing. There may be rumors that if your dad or mom happens to be a serving or retired officer, you will be better placed. I can assure you that if you qualify the OLQs, you are IN, even if you come from Naxal affected village. You are definitely out, if you do not possess those qualities and there are known cases of General's sons and daughters not being able to make it since they did not have those traits.

Focus on your strengths and improve your personality day by day. You will be part of the academy POP soon! Good luck.

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