I get nervous during the Group Discussion? What should I do?

It’s a simple answer. Don’t get nervous and speak boldly and practice well. Sounds familiar? Well that’s what most well-wishers would say. Point is, it is you who is sitting there and facing heated discussions from other candidates who want to beat you down to pulp and go for the medicals. So it’s your anxiety to showcase yourself among a not-so-friendly group out there. In such a situation, the first thing you need to know is about what is GTO expecting.

  1. Leadership - You don’t have to speak first to prove leadership. If the topic is ISRO, speak a sentence or two, talk about 31 satellites launched recently that placed the country on top among the global space programs. Speak without mumbling. Speak in one go but be slow enough that people understand you. That’s leadership where you make important points and leave an impact.
  2. Team spirit - A leader always has a follower ship. You have to showcase yours. How do you do that when everyone is shouting. Give space, listen to some good point from others and highlight by bringing that up through chest number reference. Learn to say “agree’ and ‘Yes’ to logical points, which speak positive about the discussion. For example, you cannot agree to the point that British occupation was good because...but you can certainly appreciate if someone says that India has given Yoga to the world. Be positive in your discussions and agreements.
  3. Knowledge & Confidence - It’s not an IAS exam, so you are not expected to talk about Fiscal deficit and Repo rates yet you are expected to know about our economy in general. We have good IT sector and largely agricultural population and so on. You are expected to know about current affairs and whatever you know, make sure you speak pro-India and speak with confidence. Confidence means smiling (practice fake smile if you have to!), raising your pitch just enough when you begin (don’t bother about beginning first, speak right that’s more important) and lastly, keep in mind and laugh inside knowing well that everyone is equally scared!

In case of your further questions, drop a message! Good Luck!